Soy Partner Pledge

Illinois Soybean Growers are always looking for new ways to fund policy work. Unfortunately, checkoff money cannot be used as a resource. Soy Partner Pledge helps fill this gap by creating a network of industry partners to help fund legislative work in Washington D.C. and Springfield.

How will your involvement help the soybean industry?

By becoming a Soy Partner Pledge Partner, ISG will be able to put more resources to work in Springfield and Washington by lobbying for issues such as:

  • Favorable trade agreements 
  • Market access 
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Farm Bills that maximize production in Illinois 
  • Biotech acceptance overseas

Through these efforts, you will help maximize soybean profitability for growers and the soybean industry as a whole.

Soy Partner Pledge also helps us get your take on what is happening in the soybean industry, providing you with direct communication with grassroots policy work and establishing a feedback mechanism.

Are there any benefits for Soy Partner Pledge Partners?

Absolutely! All Soy Partner Pledge Partners receive automatic membership in ISG, plus the opportunity to participate and provide input at special invitation events such as ISG Strategic Planning Sessions, research forums/tours, and marketing and education tours.

Additionally, Soy Partner Pledge partners will receive targeted and timely information with regular email updates and the Illinois Field & Bean magazine. Plus, we’ll acknowledge your efforts at farm shows and in our publications.

Step into the action! Voice for Soy is our action center, communicating up-to-the-moment legislative updates and providing immediate access.

How do you become a Soy Partner Pledge Partner?

All you need to do is say the word and sign our one-year letter of agreement. Since you’ve already logged the checkoff dollars as a credit, ISG will invoice you for the last four quarters — making it simple to give the 2 percent back to soybean growers. Going forward, payment options can be set up monthly, quarterly or yearly… whatever method works best for your organization.