Affiliate Membership

What happens in agriculture affects us all.
Support your local farmers by joining the Illinois Soybean Growers!

When you think of a soybean farmer, what image first comes to mind? Do you see one of your neighbors? Maybe you see a particular customer, friend or even a family member? Our country’s ability to produce our own food and fuel is critical to maintaining our status as a world power. Those farmers you just thought of do the hands-on work, but your help is crucial too!

The time is now to unite.

By joining the ISG, YOU can help influence key legislation that will enable Illinois soybean farmers to be the most effective soybean producers in the world. You not only will be helping protect the livelihood of Illinois soybean farmers and their families but also the farming communities in which they live and the businesses and organizations who serve the agriculture industry.

The More Members You Enroll, the Lower the Cost Per Person!
The costs outlined below include a three-year membership in both ISG and ASA. (Please note that annual memberships are available at the standard rate of $95 per enrollee.)

  • 1 - 2 members: $195 each
  • 3 - 5 members: $145 each (save $50 each)
  • 6 - 9 members: $135 each (save $60 each)
  • 10 or more members: $125 each (save $70 each)

Apply to become an affiliate member today -- sign up online or download application form.