Voice for Soy

Join Voice for Soy to add your voice in Springfield and Washington, D.C.

Voice for Soy makes advocacy easy for today's busy farmer. When pending legislation affects Illinois agriculture, lawmakers need to hear from farmers. Add your voice by registering with Voice for Soy now.  At Voice for Soy, you'll be armed with information on the most current legislative issues and equipped to take action.

Streamline communication for an effective, rapid response

Timing is critical -- both when you're farming and when an important bill hits the legislative floor. Voice for Soy provides the tools farmers need to be effective advocates. Once registered with Voice for Soy, you'll receive an email action alert whenever a legislative issue requires your attention. The action alert provides issue details and the tools needed to connect with your specific legislators.

Open to everyone

Keep in mind, Voice for Soy isn't limited to ISA members. Working together with other farmers and farm groups on common issues amplifies our voice. Invite fellow producers, family and friends to join as advocates, too.