About Us

About Illinois Soybean Growers

Illinois Soybean Growers (ISG) is a united membership group influencing key legislation that will help secure policies to enable Illinois soybean farmers to be the most effective soybean producers in the world. We serve more than 43,000 Illinois soybean growers, just like you. We are the Voice for Soy locally and at the state and national levels. Let your voice be heard.

Why is ISG so important?

You work hard to feed and fuel the world. You deserve to have your rights represented.  If you are not a member of ISG, you can’t be sure your rights are being spoken for. Thousands of family farmers are pushed off their land annually due to legislative pressure. New taxes and regulations are causing crises on Capitol Hill and the farm. National and state legislation should not come at the expense of Illinois soybean farmers and their families, farming communities, businesses and organizations who serve agriculture. There is power in numbers and our objective is continued growth, a stronger voice and a solid result as a direct result of your participation as a member of ISG.

How is ISG different from the Illinois soybean checkoff?

If you contribute to the Illinois soybean checkoff, be aware that you are NOT automatically a member of ISG. Because soybean checkoff dollars cannot be used to fund legislative efforts of any kind, we must depend upon our dues-paying members to help support our political activities. For this reason, we leverage ISG's role as a grassroots, membership-based organization, so we can focus on those regulation and legislative issues that can potentially affect soybean profitability, such as:

  • Sales tax exemptions and credits
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • EPA regulatory oversight
  • Market access to Asia and Europe
  • Farm Bill

How does ISG work with the American Soybean Association (ASA)?

ISG works alongside the American Soybean Association. ASA develops and implements policy, testifying before Congress, lobbying Congress and the Administration, communicating with members and meeting with the media at the national level. When you become a member of ISG, you receive complementary membership with the ASA as well.

Should I sign up for the Voice for Soy Action Network as well?

ISG members are automatically registered for the Voice for Soy Action Network. The Voice for Soy Action Network makes advocacy easy for busy growers like you. You can be on the farm, and still be a part of important legislation. When you register for the Voice for Soy Action Network, you’ll receive an email action alert whenever a legislative issue needs your attention. This action alert provides issue details and the tools you need to connect with your specific legislators.

How can I become a leader in my community?

ISG leadership is committed to making sure Illinois soybean growers are the most knowledgeable and profitable producers in the world. Get to know our leaders, and reach out to see how you can be a leader for soy in your own community.